(Somewhat) Weekly Update 10-3-22


Last week, I shared a link of pictures of the Band taken by photographer Mark Pynes of PennLive. Unfortunately, the gallery was incomplete. He has since emailed me apologizing for 2 things:

  • The story went to be posted without his permission/knowledge (it wasn’t ready in his eyes)

  • He lost the files of all the pictures he took of the band on 9/16 to a computer glitch.


He apologized profusely and I thanked him for his candor. The story can still be found here (for subscribers): https://www.pennlive.com/hslife/2022/09/marching-band-showcase-cumberland-valley.html



As we’ve done in the past, color guard students will transition from Tuesday/Thursday rehearsals to Monday/Thursday rehearsals starting with the first week of October (today).


TODAY, 10/3…

…the plan is for color guard to be on the parking lot and musicians to be in the big stadium (Chapman Stadium) for rehearsal, at least to start. Musicians will need to wait for the football team to finish their practice; warm-ups outside of the stadium while we wait.


Please plan transportation accordingly. Thanks!



After discussing the weekend’s schedule with staff, and considering several options, I’ve decided that we will only bring woodwind, brass, and battery musicians to Friday’s away game at Central Dauphin. Pit musicians and Color Guard students will have a brief rehearsal on the CVHS campus.


Woodwind, brass, and battery musicians will need to wear their summer uniforms (long sleeves underneath, of course; maybe some longjohns, too?) AND their RED BAND WINDBREAKERS AS THE OUTERMOST LAYER.


There were many factors to consider about this particular game. I believe this to be the most effective use of our resources.



5:40p     Depart CVHS

6:10p     Arrive Central Dauphin Middle School

6:30p     CD RamBand performs pre-game

7:00p     Kickoff

9:20p     (approx.) Game Ends, Load Buses/Trucks




As some of you are already aware, we are taking 3 school buses for this trip. No, I’m not happy about it. But absolutely every option was exhausted, and I needed a way to get us there. So, school buses it is.


I did not feel anything less than total support from everyone within CVSD on this issue. I’ve worked with (and thanked profusely) Dr. Rawls, Dr. Raymer, the wonderful folks in CVSD transportation, and more on this issue ever since I was told that it WAS an issue. There just simply are not enough available seats on motor coaches within a 2+ hour radius available for our needs.


*Side note: we DO have charter buses for the State College trip. Insert happy dance here…


Moving on…


On Saturday, students must arrive in “blacks” They can be bundled up and comfy for the ride, of course, but the black band t-shirt, mesh shorts, and LONG black socks must be on. I’d recommend wearing Dinkles on the bus, but I understand if students wish to wear sneakers and carry their Dinkles/Jazz shoes aboard instead.


Students are responsible for their own breakfast; I do not plan to stop along the way. Students must eat before arriving or bring something to eat on the ride there. PLEASE do not bring anything with peanuts, as we have many airborne nut allergies in the band.


The band parents Feed the Band committee has put together one of the meals for the students while we’re at the show, which are R&K Subs/Pretzel sandwiches. For the meal that isn’t “Feed the Band,” as well as any other snacks, students will need to bring money. Students should plan to eat dinner in the stadium in the late afternoon.


Lots of the info below was contained in the previous email I sent this morning. These are the highlights I felt were worth emphasizing:


The University of Delaware has a Clear Bag policy. BOA encourages everyone to simply not bring bags into venues. They allow clear bags and emergency bags ONLY. Personal items such as cameras are permitted, provided they are not in cases that violate the bag policy. ALSO, cameras may not be used on the field. Please plan accordingly.


I will have a pass for a Videographer, and a space for that person is provided in the stands for our band’s performance I would like to be able to give that pass to someone, so if you have a steady hand and would be interested in recording our performance, please contact me. This pass must be accompanied by a purchased ticket or field pass/credential, so this doesn’t count for free entry to the event.


We will have our full group picture taken by Jolesch Enterprises (they take our pictures at Cavalcade Championships, as well) directly after our performance. Purchasing information can be found here.


There is an online store run by PepWear. They sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, commemorative patches, etc. If you’re interested, please check their site here. Patches are available for pre-order to allow for easy pickup at the event.


If you want to watch us (and the other fine bands), but can’t make the trip, you can watch us livestreamed via www.BOALive.tv. There is a cost for this service, though I’m unsure what it is.


This event is a Prelims/Finals event. Every band is guaranteed one performance (ours is at 9:00a). They will take the top 12 bands (13 in the case of a tie) who will be able to perform in Finals, which begin at 7:30pm. IF WE MAKE IT INTO FINALS, spectators will need to purchase a separate ticket for that event. This does not apply to our band’s “Handlers” or Staff; just spectators.



4:15a     *Report time (I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ADULTS drive students to CVHS and drop them off so students aren’t driving so early in the morning)

4:30a     Depart CVHS

7:00a     Arrive Delaware Stadium

7:50a     Warm-Ups Begin

8:40a     Depart Warm-Ups

8:50a     Gate

9:00a    CVMB Performs

9:15a     Group pictures by Jolesch

9:30a     Return to Buses; Load Trucks; CHANGE INTO REGULAR CLOTHES (Red Windbreakers/Black Guard jackets must be outermost layer)

9:55a     Return to Stadium to WATCH LOTS OF AWESOME BANDS! (I’ve included a few “don’t miss” times in this schedule)

10:15a   Mechanicsburg Band Performs

11:15a   Hempfield Band Performs

12:30p   Mill Creek (Georgia) Band Performs

1:15p     Spring-Ford Band Performs

1:30p     Trumbull (Connecticut) Band Performs

2:30p     Unionville Band Performs

3:00p     Ft. Mill (South Carolina) Band Performs

3:15p     Baldwinsville (New York) Band Performs

4:00p     Kiski Band Performs

4:15p     University of Delaware Marching Band Performs (EVERYONE’S IN THEIR SEATS FOR THIS ONE)

4:40p     (approx.) Prelims Awards ceremony

5:30p     (approx.) Depart Delaware Stadium, potential stop for dinner/restrooms

8:00p     (approx.) Arrive CVHS


There is an outside chance we would make it into Finals, which begin at 7:30p.

I DOUBT we will make it in, but I wanted everyone to be aware of the chance.



Bands in the Stands went great! Lots of smiles, lots of great sounds, and most importantly about 150 happy middle school musicians. Thanks to anyone who had anything to do with this year’s event!



The football team is 5-1, and they’re still ranked #1! However, it’s close: CV and Hempfield both have records of 5-1 this season. At this point, I would count on performing at the first playoff game. We’ll probably host it on Friday, November 11th. If we go to a second playoff game, it’ll be the weekend of Friday, November 18th. If we make it to a THIRD playoff game, which would be the District 3 Championship game, it would be held either Friday, November 25th, or Saturday, November 26th, while most of us are in Florida.



Just a reminder that students should understand they should not count on eating dinner during football games. There’s only time enough to grab a snack and/or beverage, not a full meal. Thanks for helping your students to plan ahead with this.


THIS WEEK’S FOOD BREAK will be at halftime since we’re not performing a field show.



…will be held Monday, 11/14, Wednesday, 11/16, and Monday, 11/21 from 3:10p-4:25p. These will be required of everyone attending the trip. Non-trip folks need not report.


Mountain View folks should make plans for parental transportation directly to CVHS, and you will join us as soon as you’re able. Eagle View/CV9 folks should take the activity buses to CVHS.


The activity buses home FROM CVHS leave at approximately 4:30p. There is 1 per township (Monroe, Middlesex, Silver Spring, and Hampden). Students must sign up prior to 12p at their respective buildings for that bus.



Please make sure you are visiting www.cvbb.org/calendar for the most up to date calendar for the band. It contains all rehearsals, competitions, parades, and football games. Please remember that most Saturdays will have a rehearsal component to them, whether there is a competition that evening or not. Here they are in at-a-glance form:



7             7p          FB (A)                   Central Dauphin

8             all day   Comp                   BOA Mid-Atlantic Regional @ U of Delaware

11           eveTBD Parade                 Mech’burg Halloween Parade

14           1:30p                                  Pep Rally in the Dome (not sure how this looks for CV9 yet; more details later)

14           7p          FB (H)                   Carlisle (HOMECOMING)

15                                                       NO REHEARSAL (ENJOY HOCO DANCE!)

19           7p          Concert               CVHS MUSIC DEPT’S PRISM CONCERT (MB doesn’t perform)

21           7p          FB (A)                   State College

22           tbd                                      Rehearsal

28           7p          FB (H)                   Altoona (SENIOR NIGHT!)

29           tbd        Comp                   ECHOES: 50th ANNIVERSARY EDITION!



5             tbd        Comp                   New Oxford

11           tbd        FB (?)                    Potential Playoff Game (OR Nov 12)

12           tbd                                      Rehearsal

13           tbd        Comp                   Cavalcade of Bands Championships (SUNDAY)

15           7pm      Concert                CVHS Fall Band Concert (CVHS PAC) (MB doesn’t perform)

18           tbd        FB (?)                    Potential Playoff Game (OR Nov 19)

25           tbd        FB (?)                    Potential District 3 Championship Game (or Nov 26)



It is imperative that your student is practicing at home, whether that’s practicing their music, their flag work, marching their sets on the parking lot during non-band times, practicing drill with other band students, etc. We are in a position where we still need to learn 40% of the show’s drill during the school year, so practicing that drill on their own, practicing and memorizing music on their own, working on the material with other students, is all going to help the rehearsal process. Please make sure that your student is doing something for band every non-rehearsal day to help us to help them improve. Thanks!



When picking your student(s) up from an away football game or competition, please do not park near the loading dock or where the uniform trailer is parked. Our vehicles need to be able to park appropriately when we return.


ALSO, pickup of students may only occur on the west side of the building (where the loading dock is). There have been several students who have been getting picked up on the other side of campus, where our parking lot rehearsal area is located. This is simply too big an area for me to monitor, so we need to stick to the loading dock area for pickup. Thank you for your cooperation.



If your student has a need to leave early from a performance (game, competition, parade), we need written notice from a parent indicating this much. Please provide your student with the note the day of the event. They will provide it to their bus’s chaperone or directly to me so that I am aware of the early dismissal. Thank you for your assistance!



If you haven’t already, PLEASE join the “CVMB – Parents” text group by sending the text message @cvmbfamily to 81010. The schedules for this weekend appear earlier in this message. Thank you.


I believe that’s it for now. Have a great week!


~Mr. P.~