(Somewhat) Weekly Update 11-08-21

Good morning everyone!


The kids had a good showing on Saturday night! Besides seeing our score go up, we also received some positive feedback and suggestions from the judges that we’re going to start implementing tonight all the way through the rest of the week. Always better!



This year marks the return of 3 CVMB traditions after a 2-year hiatus: Championship Dress-up, Senior Goodbyes, and Championship Smorgasboard!


Championship Dress-Up is just something nice students do the last school day prior to Championships. This year, that’s Friday, 11/12. Students dress nicely, people ask why, they share “Marching Band Championships are tomorrow!” and it starts a conversation about Marching Band. I’m planning my outfit already!


Senior Goodbyes is held in the HS Band Room where the Senior Musicians & Guard get to say “goodbye” to the underclassmen, and the underclassmen get to say “goodbye” to the seniors. Historically this event involves gifts of a smaller nature being exchanged, but please know THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. The underclassmen in each section typically conspire to give their senior(s) some kind of sentimental gift and vice versa. It’s a nice thing we do, and I’m happy that it’s returning. This year’s Goodbyes will occur Fri, 11/12, from 4p-5p.


Championship Smorgasboard is a season-ending picnic we have as a way of capping off the season with all the members of the CVMB Family (parents/students/alumni/etc.). While exact plans are still in the works, we are planning to have this event at CVHS as a Tailgate Party upon our return on Saturday afternoon (approx. 12p-1:30p) in the student parking lot (12th grade side of the building); inclement weather location would be the HS Band/Choir Rooms. Be on the lookout for an email with more specifics!


FRI 11/12 (rehearsal location is weather-dependent)
4:00p-5:00p    Senior Goodbyes (Band Room)
5:00p-6:30p    Final rehearsal in Chapman (run-through at 6:20p)
6:30p-7:ish?    Load trucks, go home

SAT 11/13 (exact performance time will be known tonight)
5:45a    Depart CVHS
6:30a    Arrive, unload, change
7:15a    Begin Warmups
8:15a    Depart Warmups
8:25a    Gate
8:35a    CVMB Performs
8:50a    Kids take group pictures, adults as able move props/pit equipment to trucks
9:10a    Begin loading/changing; UNIFORM RAINCOATS AS OUTERMOST LAYER
9:40a    Re-enter HP Stadium to watch remaining bands as a group
10:20a    Awards
10:50a    (approx.) Depart HP Stadium
11:35a    (approx.) Arrive CVHS, unload
12:00p    (approx.) "Tailgate" party in CVHS Student Parking Lot
1:30p    (approx.) Wrap-up party, head home



The uniform still consists of your black CV band T shirt and shorts.  Several students have been wearing other black shirts that we’ve had them turn inside out. Please make sure your student knows where all of their CVMB gear is for this Saturday.


Jeans/sweat pants are not acceptable to be worn underneath the uniform pants.  If your student normally runs “cold,” compression pants/base layers work just fine. Also, in the interest of being warm, bring a pair of pants that you are able to pull over your shorts after changing out of your uniform. 


Additionally, please have your students clean up their shoes.  These are part of your uniform and expected to be kept in good shape. We want everything looking good for Saturday morning! 😊



ALL STUDENTS have access to both the performance videos and judges’ tapes from the last 2 weeks via Schoology. It is expected they are checking these out as soon as possible. Please encourage your student to accomplish this task by Tuesday evening at the latest. Thank you!



Here is Cavalcade’s Championships information. Below are some highlights from this link. Please take the time to read the info:

  • Official performance schedule will be posted in the evening on Mon, 11/8/21 (CVMB is performing in the morning on Saturday, 11/13/21)

  • Ticket Prices (purchase here)

    • Adults $20 pre-sale; $24 day of

    • Students/Seniors $18 pre-sale; $22 day of

    • All pre-sale options have a small surcharge to offset phone/web-based orders


  • All seats are general admission

  • Tickets are good for the entire day (both A Class AND Open Class)

  • Spectator Parking - $15 per vehicle and run by Hersheypark

  • Souvenir Program done electronically this year and will be FREE


  • Fri, 11/12       REH       Rehearsal                           TBD (Chapman)

  • Sat, 11/13      Comp    Hersheypark Stadium       TBD (MORNING)



Here’s the link to our Volunteer page. It has all the info needed to volunteer to help with the CV Marching Band, INCLUDING OUR FINAL COMPETITION OF THE YEAR!

Thanks for reading to the end!

~Mr. P~