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(Somewhat) Weekly Update 11-8-22


Thank you to everyone who made the New Oxford competition happen! While we didn’t have another band in our division (Patriot A), we DID have 9 other “A” Class bands who are all working from the same judging rubric. Using that metric, we placed 2nd out of 10 bands, which is great! It was a good performance, and I’m looking forward to finishing the season on a strong note Sunday, 11/13, at Hersheypark Stadium.


PLEASE remind your students they can find both the performance video AND judges’ recordings in our Schoology course. Any time they spend watching/listening is going to be time well spent!



This Friday is our first playoff football game of 2022, hosting Manheim Township (VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND).


The schedule that follows is in effect if the weather is decent. If it’s not, I will make an adjustment later this week. Thank you for your flexibility!


5:30p     Report/Change into uniform

6:00p     Warm-Up

6:20p     March to stadium

6:30p     CVMB Performs pre-game

7:00p     Kickoff

8:10p     (approx.) Half-time (MT Band is only bringing a pep band)

9:15p     (approx.) Game ends, return to CVHS, change, go home



9:00a     Senior Goodbyes (optional; highly encouraged); CVHS Band Room

10:00a   Rehearsal begins (stadium, weather permitting)

1:00p     Lunch Break (students provide their own)

2:00p     Rehearsal resumes

4:45p     FINAL RUN-THROUGH (all are invited to come and watch/listen)

5:00p     Announcements/Dismissal/Load Truck

5:15p     Tailgate Smorgasbord (near Stadium/DSF; Look for more info soon!)

6:30p     Go home and SLEEP!



There is lots of information regarding championships available by following this link. Please pay close attention to their bag policy. This is HERCO’s policy, not Cavalcade’s; we can’t do anything about it.


Tickets can be purchased here. Remember to choose SUNDAY tickets. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE. Tickets at the window will cost $4 more than online.


Our performance time is 6pm. Awards will occur at approximately 9:45pm. Here is the rest of Sunday’s schedule:


2:15p     Report

2:30p     “Spirit Walk” to Buses (family & friends line the pathway from the building to the buses and hoot, holler, make noise, ring cowbells, etc.)

2:45p     Depart CVHS

3:30p    Arrive HP Stadium; Unload, change

4:35p    Begin Warm-up

5:35p    Leave Warm-up

5:45p    Gate

6:00p    CVMB Performs!!!

6:15p    Group pictures (available for purchase from Jolesch photographers)

6:45p    Load, change into regular clothes

7:15p     Re-enter HP Stadium

7:30p     Patriot Conference, Open Class Bands begin

9:45p    Awards

10:30p  Depart HP Stadium

11:15p  Arrive CVHS



…will be held Monday, 11/14, Wednesday, 11/16, and Monday, 11/21 from 3:10p-4:25p. These will be required of everyone attending the trip. Non-trip folks don’t need to report.


Mountain View folks should make plans for parental transportation directly to CVHS after school, and you will join us as soon as you’re able. Eagle View/CV9 folks should take the activity buses to CVHS.


The activity buses home FROM CVHS leave at approximately 4:30p. There is 1 per township (Monroe, Middlesex, Silver Spring, and Hampden). Students must sign up prior to 12p at their respective buildings for that bus.



If we win on Friday, we will face the winner of the #1 vs. #8 game (@Hempfield or vs. Carlisle) on Friday, 11/18.



Please make sure you are visiting for the most up to date calendar for the band. It contains all rehearsals, competitions, parades, and football games. Please remember that most Saturdays will have a rehearsal component to them, whether there is a competition that evening or not. Here they are in at-a-glance form:



11           7pm       FB                       Playoff Game #1 HOME vs. Manheim Township

12           tbd                                    Rehearsal

13           tbd        Comp                 Cavalcade of Bands Championships (SUNDAY)

15           7pm      Concert              CVHS Fall Band Concert (CVHS PAC) (MB doesn’t perform)

18           tbd        FB (?)                  Potential Playoff Game #2

25           tbd         FB (?)                 Potential District 3 Championship Game (or Nov 26) (Music Dept. will be in Florida)



3             all day   Auditions             PMEA District 7 Band Auditions @ Eastern York HS

3             tbd         FB (?)                   Potential State Semi-Final Game (or Dec 2)

10           tbd         FB (?)                   Potential State Championship Game



It is imperative that your student is practicing at home, whether that’s practicing their music, their flag work, marching their sets on the parking lot during non-band times, practicing drill with other band students, etc. ESPECIALLY when they miss a rehearsal.


Please make sure that your student is doing something for band every non-rehearsal day to help us to help them improve. Thanks!



Only 5 days left!!!


~Mr. P.~

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